Data mashup of COVID-19 vaccination venues where Wilco have performed "A Shot In The Arm"

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Verification of venues administering vaccinations is ongoing.


By the numbers

"A Shot in the Arm" – U.S. Performance Stats Shots in the arm – U.S. Vaccination Stats
Totals 643 total plays 248M total vaccines administered
Coverage 54.2% of total Wilco concerts 32.0% of total population fully vaccinated
Ranking 2nd most performed behind "I'm the Man Who Love You" Pfizer-BioNTech most administered followed by Moderna
Top 3 States CA (59 plays), IL (51), NY (43) CA (31.5M total doses), TX (19.4M), NY (16.2M)
Source | Last performed: Mar 10 2020 | Data as of: May 4 2021 6:00am ET

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